Siren Candle
Siren Candle

Siren Candle

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Our Siren Candle is right at home in the sensory world of Wonder Valley: notes of smoke, sweet resinous galbanum, with a bright uplifting balsamic fir quality.  The candle will fill your space with a warm, intoxicating fragrance that evokes feelings of piñon embers burning in a fireplace while a sweet sandalwood incense faintly burns in the background. The fragrance is synthetic-free, made with plant extracts and essential oils. The candle base is pure coconut and apricot wax with a cotton wick, naturally hued with our Wonder Valley orange. Hand-poured in a tall, slender glass vessel.

Burn time 150 + hours

Natural Fragrance: Cedarwood • Cinnamon • Vetiver • Spruce • Sandalwood • Amber • Piñon Pine 

450 ml / 15 oz. 8 x 2.5". Made in Los Angeles, California in small batches.  

Cruelty-free. No phthalates, parabens, sulfates, ethanol, mineral oils, petroleum distillates, or preservatives. Lead-free cotton wicks.

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