Behind the Brand
We are a husband and wife team, Alison and Jay Carroll. Jay is an artist and creative director with experience in branding, fashion, interiors and editorial. Alison has a background of working for the California Olive Oil Council, where she was responsible for quality control for the state of CA by overseeing a professional taste panel and acting as an educator and advocate for this growing domestic agriculture industry. This led us to start Wonder Valley. We saw olive oil as the perfect cornerstone; it's elemental, timeless, and a universal common denominator. Great olive oil has the power to elevate everyday life and we believe it's the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.
Finding Grandeur in Simplified Living
We took a page from our role models, the Nearings, and created our own version of "The Good Life" here in the California high desert;  prioritizing health & creative growth and finding a balance of studio work and manual labor, stripping back the excess but finding decadence in our home cooked meals and daily rituals. 
From Wonder Valley, to You
Our olive oil is hand-harvested and expertly milled from our groves in Northern California. Wonder Valley olive oil has become the foundation of our desert lifestyle, enriching our recipes and nourishing our skin. Wonder Valley is now for you too, and your far out home. 


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Wonder Valley